What do you think about  when you hear the words “virtual” or “digital” connected to “learning”? Maybe you think of the last e-learning  platform you tested or your company LMS that fills up with things to “get back to later”? Our view on virtual learning is different. We don’t like keeping people in (physical or  virtual) classrooms. We prefer keeping them connected, engaged and results-oriented.

What we know today about learning is that it is often a joint activity. Sure, some things can be learned from a book, but especially when talking about professionals out in “the real world”, questions and situations become complex. There is no book on how to solve the challenges we are facing today – we need to figure this out together. For an organisation to learn and  develop real solutions to major challenges, we need more and better collaboration

Secondly, we believe that learning is created through first-hand experiences combined with reflection. Telling someone what to do has never been a very effective way of leading change, especially not in creative or knowledge-intensive  industries. To really create understanding and insight we have to let people see and experience the issue themselves. Change starts to  happen when we start doing the new, instead of just talking or hearing about it. 

These components of learning hold true in most circumstances, but are even more important when talking about learning in a virtual environment. This is why all of  our programmes on organisational change, leadership development, onboarding et.c. start with action. We offer engaging activities for participants to do alone or with their team. Often this means communicating and cooperating with others, across silos and teams. By starting with action we cut down on time spent on merely passing on information to the organisation. Instead your organisation can start creating ‘the new’ instantly. What we create is a positive feedback-loop of action and learning. 

And  how does all this work in practice, you ask? The backbone and central infrastructure in all of our programmes is the TalentMiles App. The TalentMiles web app is a mobile-friendly solution for driving, supporting and measuring action. What it is not is a learning management system. As opposed to traditional LMS-platforms, the TalentMiles App does not limit people to online learning, or being the passive receiver of information. Instead, we increase the amount of collaboration and communication in your organisation, by extending “the learning part” beyond those traditional on-site workshops. 

Now, more than ever, we need faster learning and better collaboration in our organisations and teams. We need to make the most of the talent, insight and experience we already have. Let us be here to help you take the step from talking to doing.