The TalentMiles Self-Leadership programme is based on activity and interaction. Through our engaging question-based and action-driven approach we give the participants new tools to develop themselves, increase learning capacity, build stronger self-awareness, take initiative, and co-create together.

The Self-Leadership programme has been developed to tackle the changes that we can see in today’s work life and leadership. With the help of the TalentMiles Self-Leadership programme, we can help everyone in your organisation become more self-driven, and create and strengthen a culture where everyone contributes to leading the organisation towards shared goals, regardless of their formal role.

The Self-Leadership programme is a virtual programme, designed for both hybrid and local teams, enabling participants from all across the organisation to participate. It offers scalable learning for the whole organisation. Combining online kick-off events, engaging learning activities to be completed together with the participants team and professional network, and the TalentMiles App, it introduces cutting-edge leadership thinking from the world’s leading research institutes, incorporating themes like psychological safety and shared leadership into your company’s day to day work.

Participants drive their own learning through action-focused activities, supported by a Learning Coach for maximum growth potential. It fosters an agile and collaborative culture within organisations.

“The programme helped me realize that I am a valuable employee and showed how I can utilize my skills to pursue a career path most suitable for me. […] The programme is a great way to broaden your professional network and hear about experiences from colleagues located all over the world. I truly recommend the course to anyone interested in developing themselves as professionals and human beings.”

Jolanta Nalewajk, UPM

“Before starting the programme, I thought that it would be like the many other courses that I have participated in. But when the programme started, I realized that it would be something different. The programme was designed to involve us in our self-learning and to generate that culture in our daily work. We ourselves are responsible for our development and learning. All the tasks were related to practicing or learning different methods to promote our development.”

German Stockle, UPM


Helps participants take an active role in developing themselves and their team

Participants learn to better manage change in their work environment

Strengthens self-awareness and creates more resilience and learning capacity in the whole organisation

A more agile and engaged company

Ready to get new tools to develop, build stronger self-awareness, take initiative and co-create together?