Coaching is an exploring and inspiring process that provides an opportunity for reflection and new insights, where the coachee actively works to achieve various work-related goals.

Individual coaching gives you time for reflection and helps you clarify your personal and professional goals. For example, coaching can be about personal or professional development, self-leadership, taking steps towards ambitions and dreams, or increasing awareness of your own strengths and values. Most people have at some point faced minor and major decisions and changes, both in their working and private lives. Individual coaching is then a powerful resource. Together with your coach, you will develop an action plan to achieve your goals and receive support in implementing the plan.

The coaching process is designed to support leaders who are seeking to improve their leadership, whether it is finding new methods of self-leadership, leading teams or exploring future opportunities. The process consist of 1-5 sessions with the coach, each lasting 45-90 minutes. It can be held online or on site.

As a manager, you can also offer coaching as a tool to your team members to promote and support their development and performance. Individual coaching is a valuable support at all stages of your career.


Personal and professional growth

Take action with the support of your coach

Approaching your goals

Annika Floman-von Bonsdorff is a coach and work counsellor with several years of experience. Annika works in both Swedish, Finnish and English and has worked with individuals and groups in both small and large companies as well as in the public sector.

Annika has previously worked in the world of education and with the development of new teaching materials. This is reflected in her ability to create a safe environment for reflection and learning. The most important thing for Annika as a coach is to give the customer space, tools and opportunity to explore, discover and develop.

Previous coachees praise Annika’s ability to be responsive, respectful and present. At the same time she is a coach who dares to ask the uncomfortable questions that help you move forward. Being coached by Annika is for many people a strengthening and life-affirming process that helps you to get on the on the right track.

Annika Floman-von Bonsdorff

Coach and work counsellor (STOry)


Choose your package!

Individual coaching, 1–5 sessions

One session with the coach: 200€

Three sessions with the coach: 500€

Five sessions with the coach 650 €

Coaching for the whole team

Offer everyone in your team the opportunity to benefit from coaching! Together we can create a coaching package that suits you.

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