There is wide-spread acceptance that leadership, including purpose, dialogue, and collaboration, are elements needed for bringing about change in the organisation. But while this realisation is growing, so, too, is the frustration with change being a ‘slow process’. TalentMiles and our work exists because we take issue with this notion. In the following passage I have collected four excerpts of our dialogue with leaders in companies looking for ways to accelerate change.

Myth #1: Implementing change is slow because it takes much time to reach a critical mass of managers and employees with a change-programme of activities.

  • No. TalentMiles turns change-programmes into engaging Learning Journeys which can be taken at the same time by many — all managers, or even by everybody in a company.

Myth #2: Rolling out change-programmes is expensive. The costs for good facilitation and off-sites become very high, and the really expensive part is asking employees to exchange actual work for training and other change-activities.

  • No. Our approach combines activities of changing one’s ways of working with active support from the team, team-leaders, and a LearningCoach. Combining the best of face-to-face learning-activities with a smart digital application lowers the cost of change-support/person to about half compared to traditional change-programmes.

Myth #3: The effect of a training-programme starts to fade very fast after the completion of the programme.

  • No. Our approach means that the participants start working in the new ways immediately, during the programme. They learn to learn, to tune and improve their ways of working and communicating, together with their managers and their colleagues. This learning continues and picks up speed with new insights as time proceeds.

Myth # 4: It is difficult to track the results and the return of training and other corporate change-supporting activities.

  • Well, yes! But we have made tracking much easier with the digital app that provides leaders with real-time information about the progress of change-activities throughout the organisation.