For years our intention has been to develop the TalentMiles App to intelligently accelerate change in our customers’ organisations. Today we are proud to release the next generation of the TalentMiles App with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This means a dramatic improvement in the way the App can help our customers. Version 12 introduces three new significant features.

The most remarkable feature of v12 is the incorporation of AI in the data analytics feature of the TalentMiles App. For this version we’ve worked with our partners at ELP Network to integrate a data analysis workflow for their Value Creation Accelerator (VCA). This means they use our App to first collect survey data for the VCA, and then use the App with the new AI assistant to analyze the results and provide output. Consequently, AI in the TalentMiles App is a revolutionary improvement that will permeate all aspects of our solutions for the benefit of our customers.

The second substantial new feature in the TalentMiles App is the integration of a state-of-the-art survey tool SurveyGizmo. The survey tool enables the use of any kind of surveys in the App, as SurveyGizmo is a rich and fully featured survey platform. In practice, the seamless survey tool integration takes the form of a survey task in the App. The survey task links to a survey created in SurveyGizmo. When the user opens the survey task a button takes them to the survey. Once the survey is completed, the participant is automatically re-directed back to the App and the task is automatically marked as finished.

Additionally, we have listened to our customers, and added the ability to include custom finish messages to tasks. This will enable customising the messages to users after they finish a task. This new feature adds to the individual or company feel of using the App, and further makes the use of the App feel as real interaction.

With these new extraordinary features, the TalentMiles App version 12 is taken to a new level and therefore this update is the most significant improvement in the history of TalentMiles.