Powering your strategy with questions

The way we do strategy work has been changing for many years, but the current COVID-19 outbreak has notably magnified and intensified this change. The ongoing global crisis has highlighted the importance of being very flexible and able to change fast. How can we incorporate that ability into our strategy?

When Eric Schmidt was the CEO at Google, he said “We run the company by questions, not by answers.” We also know for a fact that we need to engage people and invite their input in strategy, but what are effective ways to accomplish that? How can we make questions the driving force in our way of working with strategy?

In this podcast, Jukka Hörkkö, Executive Vice President of Skanska Homes, and Patrick Furu, Chief Strategist of TalentMiles and Adjunct Professor, discuss how they see strategy work changing in this new reality. Skanska Homes recently employed a question-driven approach to their strategy process and Jukka Hörkkö will share some of his personal insights from this experience.


TalentMiles Talks is a podcast with and by the TalentMiles team, including occasional, inspirational guests. Join us as we ruminate about topical questions related to leadership, learning, change and any other issue we feel passionate about.