Finding flexible solutions for learning and development in unpredictable times

It appears increasingly difficult to predict what the ‘new normal’ will look like. Instead, HR and development professionals now need to find flexible solutions that can be easily adapted to changing and varying conditions.

Professor Wim Gijselaers of the Department of Educational Research and Development in Maastricht University, Tiiu Coughlin, SVP Human Resources at Evac Group, Thomas Spjuth Eriksson, HR-professional with extensive experience of leading HR-roles in the IKEA-organisation, and Bo-Magnus Salenius, Co-founder of TalentMiles and pioneer of developing approaches to question-driven leadership and learning, will share their thoughts on how we should think about organising learning and development activities in companies for the rest of this year.

We talk about:

  • how to plan for learning and development-processes for the Autumn despite not knowing what the restrictions on work and work-related travel will be
  • how still aspire for better learning and engaging managers in supporting members of their teams in self-driven development
  • the unexpected opportunity for pursuing environmentally sustainable solutions in learning and development

You can find a brief summary of the webinar here.


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