Episode 17


Leading Change and Cultural Transformation in Hybrid Times 

–  With Anna Thuresson, Wim Gijselaers & Bo-Magnus Salenius

“The interesting thing is that, if we do and lead this right, much of the many different activities we do now  play a part in our cultural transformation of behavior towards increased trust and more self-leadership. Somehow we take great steps forward without labeling it a “giant change” 

— Anna Thuresson, Head of HR and HSE,  EON Energy Networks Sweden


There are observations suggesting that preconditions for leadership and engagement are changing in the wake of the pandemic. Engaging communities of work for shared purpose, it is suggested, may grow even more challenging in the age of widespread hybrid work.

In this podcast, Anna Thuresson shares her reflections from the current cultural transformation in her company. While strongly underlining the importance of meaningful and shared purpose, she tells us a story of how the company is reinventing itself and its culture using a wide selection of improvements and measures while avoiding framing it as large, “programmatic” change to be cascaded. The exciting insights from practise are connected to the context of current research on leadership and learning by prof Wim Gijselaers, Maastricht University, and the discussion is moderated by Bo-Magnus Salenius, Chairman and co-founder of TalentMiles.


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