Episode 15

Onboarding beyond information overload

–  With Salla Jämsä, Evac Group, & Erika Hyppönen, TalentMiles

How do you create onboarding remotely with better impact on connecting new employees to company culture, expertise and community?

Evac, the world’s leading provider of integrated water and waste management systems, has re-invented the company’s approach to onboarding. In this podcast Salla Jämsä, Global Senior HRD Manager at Evac, and Erika Hyppönen, Development Manager at TalentMiles, are interviewed about learnings and experiences of the promising new approach by Bo-Magnus Salenius.

Evac emphasises the importance of an excellent candidate experience in recruitment and the new approach in onboarding helps in creating an excellent employee experience from the very start of the employment.

The new digital approach has included helping new recruits to

  • connect with other new employees
  • become impressed by the talents and knowledge in the company
  • build networks between new and old employees
  • build the understanding of the company’s purpose, culture and strategy
  • a way for top management to get to know the new employees.


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