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— a conversation with Henrik Blomgren, Ralf Blomqvist & Bo-Magnus Salenius

It’s already happened to many, and if it hasn’t yet, it will happen to your company. But how can you make sense of disruption before it even occurs and really starts to change life around and inside the company? Why is market research useless, and what should you do instead? And what do we know about leadership in times of radical change?

In his new book, Play It, well: Strategies for digitally disruptive times”, Henrik Blomgren, Assistant Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, offers straightforward examples from the music industry to understand disruption in any industry. In this TalentMiles Talks podcast he is interviewed by Ralf Blomqvist, author and challenger of conventional views of understanding customer insight, and Bo-Magnus Salenius, co-founder of TalentMiles.


TalentMiles Talks is a podcast with and by the TalentMiles team, including occasional, inspirational guests. Join us as we ruminate about topical questions related to leadership, learning, change and any other issue we feel passionate about.