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How Leaders can Increase the capacity for learning in the firm

— a conversation with Dr Therese Grohnert, Maastricht University

As the pandemic continues and shifts its form, it is increasingly evident that work, and the organisation of work, are being transformed. At the same time, instead of the immediate-survival mode of leaders, the horizon is widening, and the topics are extending beyond the pandemic. But how can an organisation prepare for any future in a situation as ambiguous as the present?

Successful companies recognise that they need to focus on ’learning’ instead of on meticulous ’planning’. The core question is: How can top-management, and any leader, increase the capacity for learning on the organisational level, the team-level, and the level of the professional

Listen in to a conversation with Dr Therese Grohnert, of one of the leading research groups on learning and development in Europe. The conversation is hosted by Bo-Magnus Salenius, TalentMiles.


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