How to lead a successful remote team

Annika Häggblom and Erika  Hyppönen from TalentMiles will share their thoughts and best ideas for how to maintain a high standard of collaboration, teamwork and leadership, even when you are not working in the same  location as your colleagues.

We talk about:

  • the challenges and opportunities of working remotely
  • how to best lead a remote/virtual team,  maintaining a high standard on the quality of work and  collaboration
  • how to create and maintain a high level of psychological safety in a virtual team
  • our best tips, tools and activities for productive remote/virtual teamwork


TalentMiles Talks is a podcast with and by the TalentMiles team, including occasional, inspirational guests. Join us as we ruminate about topical questions related to leadership, learning, change and any other issue we feel passionate about.