8.9-8.10.2020 (ENG) &
15.9-15.10.2020 (SWE)

A digital programme helping you and your team master remote work  

Remote work has been on the rise for many years, but with the recent global health crisis, many of us were pushed into a full-on 100% remote team over night. By now, we have all learned a lesson or two about leading remote teams, but will you settle with just being “ok with it”?

Remote work is not going away, it has become the new normal. Join this programme to learn how you and your team can be more present and engaged while working remotely!



In response to the exceptional changes happening in working life, TalentMiles has developed a hands-on, research-based digital programme for developing remote leadership skills. 

‘Remote leadership’ is one of TalentMiles’ signature online learning experiences, devoted to giving you the tools, frameworks and support needed to become a better, more engaged leader to your remote team. The four-week programme consists of engaging activities you can do with your team, inspiring material to deepen your understanding of remote leadership and an online community of like-minded leaders to share thoughts with. 

Listen to the Learning Coaches Thomas Spjut Eriksson and Annika Häggblom summarise the key elements and themes of the Remote Leadership programme:

490 € (incl. VAT)

4900 SEK (inkl. moms)

490 € (incl. VAT)

4900 SEK (inkl. moms)



Engaging leadership activities to do with your team

An online community of remote leaders

Online meetings with your community and learning coach

A Learning Coach to guide and support you 


The four-week programme is currently offered in English and Swedish. The next programme in English starts 8th of September and in Swedish 15th of September. 

During the Remote Leadership programme you will gain new leadership tools and lead activities and discussions with your team, creating new and better conditions for remote work.

The online  programme is supported by the TalentMiles App and a video conferencing tool, making it fully available to you anywhere in the world.

The programme includes three online meetings to further support your development. Gain support and inspiration from your  online peer group and your TalentMiles Learning Coach.

Of programme participants would recommend it to their peers. Read their comments >>

“Every team leader should have a version of this program at all times! It inspired me and got me doing the things I know I should, but never get around to. Like a nice helper saying: “Oh, maybe you need to ask your team this now?”. For me, it was very good to reflect on these things, as our remote work has been very concerned with solving specific issues.”

“It was a great time/effort investment in my development.”

“I definitely think it’s a great programme to support leaders reflecting on themselves and their teams and forcing them to consider how they can better support their teams.”

“The program is great! I like most of all the perfect combination of digital platform, coaching support, reading and virtual meetings”


‘Remote Leadership’ is an online learning experience developed and supported by TalentMiles. We look forward to new leaders joining the program in fall 2020, as we offer the programme in two languages: English and Swedish.


The programme will run in English between 8th of September – 8th of October 2020. The first online meeting will be held on September 8th. 

Registration deadline: 1st of September
: 490 € (incl. VAT)/ participant, for 1-5 participants. For bigger groups, please contact us at


The programme will run in Swedish between 15th of September – 15th of October 2020.  The first online meeting will be held on September 15th.

Registration deadline: 8th of September
: 4900 SEK (incl. VAT)/ participant, for 1-5 participants. For bigger groups, please contact us at