“— In companies, the discussion on ‘learning’ used to be about getting people
additional training for this or for that. It was all content-focused: what we, the
company management, think our people need to learn in order to do their work.
Now, there is a move to support people in making those decisions themselves. It is no
longer about others trying to predict what the exact knowledge is that people need to
have. We, ‘the others’, can’t know!”

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How Leaders can Increase the Capacity for Learning in the Firm.

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Interviewer: Bo-Magnus Salenius, co-founder of TalentMiles
Recorded: 8th October 2020

Themes covered in the interview include; 

  • How we should understand learning
  • Does everyone want to learn & why?
  • A changing their view of learning; from focus on content to focus on culture
  • Observations of learning during Covid 19
  • Learning is not one-size-fits-all; different contexts of learning in the firm
  • Notes from research on learning-behavior in large firms in two industries
  • Insights and take-aways for leaders