“I study management and organisation, which means that TM is the ultimate starting point for me to put theory into practice. This is a field where ideas and new ways of thinking are needed.” Nea Engberg, Intern at TalentMiles


A year ago I applied for an internship at TalentMiles but it was cancelled due to the pandemic. Now, I am excited to finally be at TalentMiles.

My name is Nea and I am the newest addition to the TalentMiles team. Starting an internship remotely might not sound very appealing, but it still feels intimate as I get to work in a small team of 8 passionate people, all having their own expertise and at the same time, working for one purpose. In other words, it is possible to feel part of the team even remotely. Of course, it comes with challenges. Being online, personalities don’t come across as easily as when working in the same room. Networking isn’t as spontaneous and being at the office is replaced by being in pyjamas. 

I study management and organisation as well as social psychology. This is why TalentMiles is the ultimate starting point for me to put theory into practice. This is a field where ideas and new ways of thinking are always needed, especially in times like this. I enjoy working with people and helping organisations come up with solutions to their problems with the help of new tools. Sometimes people are so busy with their work that they don’t see the structural malconstructions in their company. Furthermore, I’ve noticed that companies don’t even need to have a problem in order to improve. In other words, learning should be an everyday occurrence, and working with guiding people through this is very rewarding.  

I find the TalentMiles app very right in its time. I believe this hands-on “learning by doing” supported by TalentMiles is exactly what is needed to improve team building and work efficiency in the future. The TM app allows employees to get an overview of their own development as a team and also as a leader. Reflection is a familiar concept in our school, but I am positively surprised that people aren’t scared or reluctant to reflect about their own work in offices as it is not an easy thing to do. Also, the strategy at TM is unique. It is learning by doing. First you try,  then you look back and analyze what went well or what went wrong. This is what makes learning exciting.

My biggest take away so far? That customer experience is one of the most important ingredients to a successful business. I’ve learned that being customer-oriented means realizing that the customer is at the center of the business. It means going out of your way to make sure your service contains the tools that the customers need and to facilitate their everyday life. I’ve also learned that working with different types of customers: municipalities to companies to individuals, requires different approaches. Everything else aside, a receipt that the customer relationship is working well is to realize that your motivation comes from your customers’ happiness.