Episode 6: Remote work

Remote work: some of us love it, some find it practical, others are longing back to the good old days at the office. In this episode Terry Galvin, Vice President of Recycling Services at Kal Tire shares his valuable insights and inspiring tips on how to lead a successful remote team both in day-to-day work but also through times of change and disruption.

What we talked about: 

  • What changes at work when you go remote? Or maybe nothing changes?
  • Terry’s valuable key learning’s about leading a remote team
  • Merger and building a new team remotely – a success story
  • Effective communication in remote teams and how that can increase transparency in the organisation
  • What do we still need face-to-face meetings for?
  • Are people not engaged in your online meetings? Team leaders – time to show leadership.

Episode 5: Work as a platform for learning and self-development

In this episode Thomas Spjuth, Senior HR and organisational development consultant, joins Annika Häggblom in a discussion about learning, and especially self-development at work. How do you take charge of your own development at work and where can you seek support for your endeavours? 

In our disucssion we talk about: 

  • How do you take responsibility for your own development at work?
  • How do you start developing the skills you will need to reach your next career goal?
  • What are the current trends of learning and development at work?
  • The micro learning happening in our day to day work
  • How do we learn at work in this era of remote work?

Episode 4: Preparing for the unknown

In this episode we peer into the future together with two university students, Kajsa Smedlund and Linn Styrström. What does work life look like from a student’s perspective? What are the hopes, dreams and concerns of a young person today, only just starting to plan their entry into work life?

We touched upon these topics, among others:

  • What do Linn and Kajsa think about their work life now, a year and a half before graduation?
  • What are their hopes for their future job?
  • How do you make career choices in this age of hyperconnectivity?
  • How do you navigate the expectations and pressure from society and yourself?
  • What does work life balance mean to Kajsa and Linn?
  • What does the remote work culture look like from a student perspective?

Episode 3: How is AI changing work life?

In this episode Annika Häggblom and consultant, author and customer relations expert Ralf Blomqvist take a tram ride through Helsinki and discuss how AI is changing work life. What do we need to consider when getting familiar with the new tools that AI can provide us with?

We talked about:

  • How AI already has changed the way we work
  • How is this technology shift different from the previous ones?
  • What are the opportunities created by the increase of AI powered tools?
  • Will AI replace me? What do we need humans for?
  • What can you do if you feel worried about the current development?
  • Ralf’s reading tips

Episode 2: Why do we work?

In this episode Annika Häggblom invites Jörg Reckhenrich, a multitalented artist, coach/trainer and expert of positive psychology, to discuss the small question of “Why do we work?”. What is it that motivates us to go to work every morning? The topic is really too large to cover in one short discussion, but here are some of the topics covered in this podcast:

We talked about:

  • What does Jörg find motivating in his work as an artist and coach/trainer?
  • How work is really a form of creative self-expression
  • How stronger self-awareness helps you to build a connection to the outside world and have better interactions at work
  • Sustainable development goals and global crises call for a new set of capabilities and skills. Companies need to make a change in how they work sustainably. What does this mean for work?
  • Using your “inner compass” to align yourself with the work you are doing or finding a new path. “Who am I as a person and how can I contribute to the world around me?”


Episode 1: What did I miss?

After a year of parental leave, Annika Häggblom is back at work in her role as a learning coach at TalentMiles. Coming back to the office (yes, the office!) after a long break feels like coming home, not much has changed, yet a lot is different. In this episode Annika talks with Bo-Magnus Salenius, co-founder of TalentMiles, to catch up on his thought about what has been happening in work life during the past year. 

Subjects that came up:

  • What happened during that past year that Bo didn’t expect?
  • Why do we feel surprised by the fact that people still work from home?
  • Are we experiencing enough connection and a sense of shared purpose in work life?
  • Has work life become too short-sighted?
  • Our “new year’s resolution” for work in 2024 (hint: it’s not to add more teams meetings into our days)
  • Are we too obsessed with “finding our passion” in work?