The next version of the TalentMiles App will have a new digital tool allowing participants to collect insight from their networks. Participants collecting insight from their network is key to working with real-world issues in their learning journey. Collecting insight is, of course, done by asking questions.

Insight Collector

The Insight Collector is a new tool that helps participants reach out to others, ask them questions, and then collect and display the responses.

The task begins with the participant setting up the questions they wish to ask. These can either be questions provided by the learning coach or questions the participant adds. The tool provides a preview of what the person responding to the questions will see so that the participants can be confident about what they are sending out.

Collecting valuable insight

Once the participant is satisfied with the questions it is time to send them out.

The app offers two ways for them to do this. One way is to specify a list of email addresses, write a message, and then have the app send an email with the message and a link where the respondent can answer the questions.

Alternatively, the app also provides a link the participant can copy and then send out however they wish. For example by dropping it in Microsoft Teams, Slack or some other messaging service.

When a respondent clicks on a link they’ve received they are taken to a page where they can answer the questions.

The page prominently displays who is asking the question by showing the name and the profile picture of the participant who sent out the questions. It also has a field explaining what the questions are about. Then each question has a text field where the respondent can answer the question.

Track and view responses

The participant can track and view responses to their questions as they come in. They can see who has answered their questions and when they answered. 

Once the participant has received the answers they are looking for they can submit the task with their reflections to the learning coach.

The tool for collecting insight is coming in a TalentMiles App update soon!