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“We have worked closely with TalentMiles to implement an action based program for managers. The development program offers participants an opportunity to develop the mindset and tools which will help them to tackle future challenges together with their team and network. TalentMiles strongly relies on question driven and experimental learning methods which boost long term changes in participants’ ways of working. I highly appreciate the proactive and timely support TalentMiles gives to the participants of the program. TalentMiles also puts a lot of efforts on developing and using modern technology to make the learning process even more effective and impactful.”

– Miia Taanila, Director Talent Development, Metso


“We are currently merging seven well-established organisations into one new organisation responsible for the planning and development of all physical aspects of the city of Helsinki. This will allow for faster and smarter service for all customers and conditions for living, building and working in the city. The change of organisation needs to happen fast. It is necessary that we get everybody in the organisation to engage and share in the ownership and the story of this exciting change. This is why we are putting great effort into helping our 200 managers and teamleaders support their teams with a much more agile, networking and shared leadership than before.

The TalentMiles-approach helps us reach and interact with all managers simultaneously, coach them to do better leadership and also follow up that the engagement and change of leadership is really happening.”

– Leila Koivulehto, Planner at City of Helsinki