Leading Change and Cultural Transformation in Hybrid Times

Anna Thuresson, Wim Gijselaers & Bo-Magnus Salenius | 17.12.2021

In this podcast, Anna Thuresson shares her reflections from the current cultural transformation in her company. While underlining the importance of meaningful and shared purpose, she tells us a story of how the company is reinventing itself and its culture using a wide selection of improvements and measures, while avoiding framing it as large, “programmatic” change to be cascaded. The insights from practise are connected to current research by prof. Wim Gijselaers, Maastricht University.



Self-leadership was never about only yourself

Annika Häggblom | 8.12.2021

Self-leadership as a concept has been around for a few decades, but as the nature of work and leadership continuously evolve, so should the concept of self-leadership. What do we actually mean when we talk about self-leadership today? What are its implications, and…



How is a remote internship?

Nea Engberg | 13.7.2021

Nea Engberg, student, tells her own reflections on how it is to start in a new company in the middle of a pandemic. Is it possible to grow into a company without actually meeting your colleagues? Nea talks about what she has learned so far and why self-reflection is so important.



Drivpodden: Går det att bygga en levande stad?

Ann Charlotte Hästö, Ralf Blomqvist  & Bo-Magnus Salenius | 22.6.2021

Ann-Charlott Hästö, arkitekt, och Ralf Blomqvist, kundtänkare, jobbar i flera städer med det nya interaktiva sättet att ”göra” utveckling. I Drivpodden berättar de om sina erfarenheter i en intervju med Bo-Magnus Salenius.



Eftertänksamt ledarskap med driv

Anna Forth & Bo-Magnus Salenius | 16.6.2021

I det här avsnittet av Drivpodden möter vi Anna Forth som beskriver och reflekterar över sitt lågmälda, reflekterande och konstruktivt drivande ledarskap och den erfarenhetsresa som  fört henne hit. Anna är redaktionschef på Svenska Yle och har det övergripande ansvaret för ledarskapet för 160 personer och med det för innehållet i en stor del av verksamheten.



Leadership by trust; the force of work beyond the pandemic

Inna Wahlberg, Wim Gijselaers & Bo-Magnus Salenius | 24.5.2021

But what is ”trust”, what can it look and sound like? And how does a leader act to get it to grow? In this podcast, General Manager Inna Wahlberg is interviewed for the fascinating story of how Ascender Asian Services,  has pulled through the pandemic so far building on trust and exceptional commitment by the staff.