Debunking Four Myths of Working Change

There is wide-spread acceptance that leadership, including purpose, dialogue, and collaboration, are elements needed for bringing about change in the organisation. But while this realisation is growing, so, too, is the frustration with change being a ‘slow process’. TalentMiles and our work exists because we take issue with this notion. In the following passage I have collected four excerpts of our dialogue with leaders in companies looking for ways to accelerate change.

Do you want to go to heaven?

We were recently debating the Value Creation – Value Capturing framework* (or VC2 for short) and its applications on specific organisations. The framework is a compelling tool to use to describe strategic challenges and accomplishments of organisations. The framework...

Why teams will need team-leaders for years to come

Everyone in working life, in any industry, needs to develop the capacity for self-directed work, collaboration, and continuously learning new things and skills faster.
The only way to accelerate the development of the learning capacity of the whole workforce in a company fast enough is to rethink and renegotiate the job description of team-leaders.

Frågedriven verksamhetsutveckling

This article was written by Stefan Pålsson and published by Talentmiles   Snabb teknikutveckling, nya konsumtionsmönster och en allt skarpare konkurrens ändrar grundläggande villkor och förutsättningar för de allra flesta yrken, branscher och områden. Ledning och...